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Flare Clearing Protocol

Scope:  Any tree flares that are not completely visible.

Objectives:  Clear trunk and flare to enable inspection and (if necessary) treatment. Prevent possible damage to the tree from the effects of any material contacting trunk tissue. Increase the tree’s health and safety, using tools such as a rake, fork, shovel, trowel, lopping shears, hand pruners, chisel, brush, water, heat, and air.


  1. Clear around the trunk any foreign material, rocks, coarse woody debris or fresh mulch. 

  2. Position the blade of a shovel or a trowel against the trunk, pointing downward.

    • Avoid damaging tree tissue with trowel or shovel.

  3. Slide the blade carefully downward until it is met with resistance.  Avoid bark damage.

  4. Push the handle toward the trunk, moving the blade away from the trunk.

  5. Scoop the loose material away from the trunk and set aside.  

  6. Set aside fertile soil, fine rootsmycorrhizae, and decomposed mulch.

  7. Separate and dispose of any infertile soil and debris.  

  8. Locate the flare and the largest roots coming off the trunk.

  9. Locate and remove any stem-girdling roots that are <5 cm (2”) diameter or <10% of the trunk diameter, using tools such as a lopping shears, hand pruners, or chisel.   

  10. Clear any loose material from the the bottom of the flare using hand tools, compressed water and/or compressed air to expose the bark. Allow to dry before final inspection.

  11. Incorporate or rake the excavated soil into the rootzone under the branch tips.

  12. Ensure that the flare remains visible.

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