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Expert Witness

Part of enjoying a beautiful landscape on your personal or business property is knowing that you have rich, historic trees on your property. We recommend top-notch care of historic trees because they add beauty and value to your property, and they also provide energy-saving attributes, such as shade. While we highly recommend the best care of historic trees on your property, we also understand that keeping them on your property presents inherent concerns, and sometimes, danger.

For example, we've seen instances where clients have found it difficult to build landscaping structures around the trees, especially if they're deeply rooted. Also, tree roots can become too long, finding their way underneath homes, snaking their way into plumbing pipes. We've also seen instances where trees can cause damage not only to your landscaping structures, but they can eventually create a danger for your home if the tree becomes damaged by construction or natural disasters.

We've seen instances of trees causing damage to homes, vehicles, and humans, due to fallen branches, erupted roots, or large branches that cause power lines to fall into the streets. While we can recommend how to protect the trees so that they are able to best withstand natural weather disasters, these are all considerations that you'll need to consider, especially when it's time to file an insurance policy claim.

If you need to file an insurance claim, your policy underwriter will require you to find an expert witness that specializes in the diagnosis and appraisal of historic tree and property damage. Better Tree Care offers expert witness services in order to assure your insurance company that the claim being paid is fair and restorative.

If you're in need of diagnosis and appraisal of historic tree damage or damage to your property caused by a tree, then reach out to Better Tree Care, located in Sanford, NC. We also service Raleigh, Apex, and the Durham NC areas. Just visit

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