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Are you in the Durham, NC area, and are you in need of services from an arborist that specializes in the field of historic tree preservation? Might you need assistance or a quote for your landscape management needs? If so, then Better Tree Care, located in Durham, NC is the service for your special tree preservation and landscape management needs.

We specialize in offering our clients services that keep historic trees alive and healthy. We also can tend to historic trees in a manner that allows them to flourish and thrive, even in the midst of urban environments. We've studied and combined the best U.S., German, and U.K. strategies in order to maintain noble trees that currently inhabit properties around our area.

For example, we recommend regular tree pruning. Tree pruning dates back to ancient Eastern cultures that used this strategy in order to keep tree trunks and roots healthy. Pruning is especially important for mature trees, as it allows it to gain access to nutrients and water from the roots without weak or dead branches competing for nutrients and moisture.

We're also concerned about issues such as the quality of the soil that surrounds mature trees, particularly those of historical value. That's why we inspect the soil, and often, we can recommend soil aeration, which loosens compacted soil that might be starving and dehydrating tree roots. We also aerate the soil in order to make sure that water is draining from the tree properly. Improper drainage around a tree's trunk can cause mildew and rot, ruining the health of the entire tree, and infecting the surrounding soil.

The head arborist at Better Tree Care is Guy Meilleur. He started his career as a professional arborist in 1965, and he's provided expert witness services and consultations since 1982. If you're in need of expert tree maintenance or restoration, then read more about Better Tree Care by going through the rest of this website. We serve the Raleigh, Sanford, and the Cary, NC areas.

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