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Consulting Harborist

Perhaps you've been wondering how to best care for any mature trees on your property. Have you ‘Googled’ 'tree care near me?' In case you're getting ready for a trip to your local home and garden store for soil or nurturing supplies, you might want to reconsider.

Trees, especially mature trees, or historic trees, need special tending to. The average homeowner isn't aware of the needs of specific tree species, but a consulting harborist in Cary, NC who specializes in mature trees is able to provide answers. In fact, below are some reasons why as a consulting harborist in Cary, NC, I'd advise against tending to or nurturing trees on your property on your own.

First, unlike many homeowners, it's a huge mistake to surround your tree trunks with soil or mulch. While piling these around the trunks of your trees might make the trees look better, the practice does nothing to improve the health of the tree, and in fact, this can starve the tree of important nutrients and water.

Trees need the right balance of air, water penetration, and the right type of soil, which leads to another common mistake - using the wrong type of fertilizer for your tree. These are all areas that we can help you with. Specifically, when we visit for a consultation, we'll diagnose the soil and the species of your tree. Then, we'll prescribe a treatment plan that's designed to keep your trees healthy and alive. We especially want to protect the health and the integrity of any historic trees on your property.

There are projects around your home and on your property that are fine for you to tackle on your own but tending to your trees shouldn't be on your do-it-yourself project list. Before you Google 'tree care near me' again, let Better Tree Care visit your property for a soil and tree consultation.  You can find out more information about Better Tree Care at, also servicing Durham NC, Apex NC, and Raleigh NC.

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