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Tree Service Near Me

Are you under the impression that all a tree requires is rainwater, and possibly, great soil for the roots to thrive in? These things are true, but maintaining a healthy tree, especially a mature, historical tree, requires hands-on experience from a board-certified master arborist.

Specifically, the tree will require maintaining, and part of healthy maintenance is fertilizing the tree from time to time. At the least, before you Google 'tree service near me' in Raleigh NC, you'll need someone like me to visit your property and give you a complete diagnostic plan how to best fertilize the tree for the best healthy outcomes.

Why is tree fertilization even necessary? It's because the tree could develop diseases if it's not healthy. Unhealthy trees at the least are eyesores, and at worst, they can die and fall over, causing damage to your property, your home, and possibly, to humans in the pathway of the fallen tree.

But here's a tip that, as a board-certified master arborist, I'd recommend in order to prevent these outcomes:

First, after arriving at your property to inspect the tree's health, its species, and the soil, I'd be able to guess at the tree's growth cycles. Unlike plants or grass, trees only grow a few times a year. After this, it's important to inspect the soil to make sure that it's not compacted. Compacted soil starves the tree's roots of the proper amounts of water and air.

I'd also recommend the proper type of fertilization that matches the soil quality and the tree species. The purpose of proper fertilization, in this case, isn't to make the tree grow, but to keep it in an optimal state of health.

It's important to keep in mind that although your tree (or trees) might have grown and flourished before you took over your current property, changes to the property such as landscaping can have a drastic effect on the soil quality. Also, as times evolve, so do things such as air and water quality. If you care about preserving historical trees on your property, then I'd urge you to have both your trees and your property diagnosed. So, instead of Googling 'tree service near me' in Raleigh NC, check out the Better Tree Care website at schedule a consult with a master. Better Tree Care also services Durham, Apex, and Cary.

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